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China Manufacturing Companies

China Manufacturing Companies

Doing business with China manufacturing companies can have a huge, positive impact on your bottom line. Arcadia Sourcing is able to help you make the best connections possible, through their experience and expertise in the overseas sourcing industry.


If you’re looking for China manufacturing companies that can work with wood to make the wooden products your company needs, you can count on Arcadia Sourcing to help you connect with the best facilities in China. Wooden products are one of the hardest products to manufacture as you have to work with the best vendors who know about wood. To control the humidity of wood the factory must have a lot of experience in working with it. Nowadays, there are wooden products coming over from China that are made from just a few types of wood that are easy to work with.


Sourcing for China manufacturing companies for wooden products is a bit trickier than other materials. It’s important to ensure that vendors have at least 10-15 years of working experience in the wood making industry. Also, it is essential to inquire as to their treatment of the wood, to ensure that the facility is not dependent on the primary manufacturer, who often provides insufficient treatment. Photographs of the storage facilities is helpful in finding the right vendor,


Arcadia Sourcing is highly skilled and knowledgeable in working with China wood manufacturing companies in order to deliver the best in quality to their clients. Through many years of experience, their experts know which questions to ask and what to seek out with regard to how the wood is purchased, stored, manufactured, treated, finished and shipped. For example, when a factory delivers a wooden product, it must have a varnish. Without a varnish, the water in the wood that was retained will start to evaporate when the product is exposed to high temperatures, say, for example, when shipping overseas in a container. There must be several coats of varnish for protection.


Most countries due to health issues expect wooden products to be treated and fumigated such as Australia’s Department of Agriculture has that law.  So in order that you may have laws or even to protect yourself from future lawsuits suggest you to have all your wooden products fumigated 4 days prior to shipment and then there is a certificate you can get from the Chinese Government showing such.


Please take note that if you plan to source China wooden manufacturing companies, there are a lot of clients who are opting out nowadays due to the quality and are now using MDF (medium density fibreboard). This product has properties that will not crack or warp like wood can, and will form to shape.


Be sure you are working with an expert company, such as Arcadia Sourcing, who can provide diligence in choosing the right vendors for your manufacturing.


You can contact a professional from Arcadia Sourcing by calling 852-2367-3335 if you have any questions or would like to learn more about how their services can help your company’s bottom line.

China Manufacturing Companies
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