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Find A Manufacturer In China

Find A Manufacturer In China

Are you interested in connecting with China suppliers and manufacturers for your products? While there are an overabundance of commission agents all claiming they can help you connect with factories in China, it’s not easy choosing a company or agent that is right for your company, and for your needs. This is where due diligence comes in.

It’s important to get references from companies and agents that wish to represent you to manufacturing facilities in China that act as suppliers and manufacturers. You’ll also want to look over their profile to make sure they have a strong presence in China and with vendors there.

Take a close look at the products they have worked to complete to find out if previous project have a synergy with yours, so ensure that the agent knows how to work with products like yours. Finally get a detailed analysis of their payment terms and fees. Most agents will charge a commission on top of the unit price, but this must all be worked out beforehand.

Arcadia Sourcing has the experience and expertise it takes to get your product from concept to finished product. They work with many China suppliers and manufacturers and can help you with the products you’re considering for manufacture. As a sourcing agent, they will help you narrow down the top 3-5 vendors that can manufacture your product, audit the factories to see if they have the capacity and capability to work on your product, and then negotiate on your behalf for the best balance of price and quality.

Arcadia Sourcing is your eyes, ears and mouth on Ground Zero, so there must be a complete trust developed along the way. They’re trilingual, being able to speak fluent English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, ensuring that there are no language barriers anywhere along the way, so you’ll never have to worry about the possibility of production coming to a standstill due to a language misunderstanding.

If you’ve been thinking about manufacturing polyresin products in China, Arcadia Sourcing’s suppliers and manufacturers can help you with the products you have in mind. Polyresin is a resin compound that is ideal for statues, figurines and decorative furniture and is compatible with a wide range of finishes, including paint and metallic finish, which is why so many decorative pieces are made with the material. Polyresin items are good for promotions and retail selling, and China is well-versed in making polyresins.

While ceramics and polyresins can often be expensive to manufacture, contracting OEM China suppliers and manufacturers can cut costs and improve your company’s bottom line. Arcadia Sourcing has a long and successful history of working with inventors, product developers and small and large business clients to provide contract manufacturing, product design and testing of ceramic and polyresin products.

Make professional connections with China suppliers and manufacturers that will result in a reduction of your costs and the timely delivery of your products. Call Arcadia Sourcing today at 852-2367-3335 and let the experts handle the details.

Find A Manufacturer In China
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