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Sports Accessories, Trophies & Memorabilia

Sports products include bats, rackets, balls and its accessories are all part and parcel of this section of items.  In the same line trophies made from polyresin material or in metal are also in this arena of products.  Memorabilia as in the likes of famous trophies but done in miniature size like the Australian Football League trophies are quite popular.  We also make statuettes or bobbleheads of famous sport person.  From all the above categories these items are made out of plastic, wood, polyresin, steel, zinc alloy and basically any materials we can get our hands on to mimick the great awards. We also help clients to mold up new items within the sport area like golf tees with clients own shape and design, balls with their own design and corporate logos for events.  When you need a company that has all the relevant experience in working with vendors on sports products there is only one company you need to look for and that is – ARCADIA SOURCING INTERNATIONAL LTD – YOUR ONE STOP SHOP IN SOURCING PRODUCTS FROM THE FAR EAST AND CHINA      


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