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Stationery items is a very broad topic and has many different SKU’s just on that one stand alone product line as in the likes of:
  • pens
  • color pencils
  • crayons
  • all types of paper products
  • eraser
  • files
  • envellopes both paper and pvc.
  • stick it note papers
  • all types of pins
  • staplers
  • business office machines
Back to School products shipped during January and February are always a great hit for all the Big Box Retail Stores during summer because usually the children in the months of July and August start to purchase their school wares, stationery and all sorts of relevant products in this category.  Arcadia at this time also work with major distributors on taking up their OEM enquiries by having to find the products they need and adding a logo on the merchandise that we have sourced for them. All said and done ARCADIA SOURCING INTERNATIONAL LTD. also work with many stationery factories producing new products and ideas that clients bring in so that the product itself does not  compete  in the market with the off the shelf products and has its own niche and having its own identity and merit.  Most of the new categories also need CAD drawings done in order to get it as accurate as we can on the size and ratio breakdown and with that our engineers are more than willing to help you on getting this done right. ARCADIA SOURCING INTERNATIONAL LTD. – YOUR ONE STOP SHOP IN SOURCING PRODUCTS IN ASIA      


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