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Sourcing Agent In China

Sourcing Agent In China

Arcadia Sourcing is a sourcing agent in China for watches that can help your company save a significant amount of money on your manufacturing- as much as 30%! If it’s time for a change in your product’s manufacturing process, consider outsourcing your watches to a factory that can provide you with the services you expect, at a price you can well afford.

Arcadia Sourcing doesn’t just connect clients with watch manufacturers; in fact they are a China manufacturing agent for watches, clocks, toys & games, promotional items, festival items, electronics, electricals, pet products, sports memorabilia, outdoor items, bags and travel accessories, OEM and ODM and much more. Take a closer look at some of the products Arcadia Sourcing’s clients are interested in:

– Ladies handbags, clutches, totes, cosmetic bags, laptop bags, backpacks, suitcases and luggages, accessories and more. If you’re struggling to keep up with the manufacturing costs of your handbag and accessories, you’re going to love working with Arcadia Sourcing.

– Bats, balls, rackets, sports accessories, statuettes, bobbleheads miniature trophies and more. Arcadia Sourcing also assists clients to mold up new items within the sports area, such as golf tees, corporate golf balls and more.

– Craft items, toys, decorations, gifts, promotional items and more. Arcadia Sourcing has helped countless clients save up to 30% on original design manufacturing and original equipment manufacturing for polyresin and ceramic products.

– Electrical, wooden, plastic and metal wall clocks, digital clocks, alarm clocks, digital watches and more. Arcadia Sourcing is your China manufacturing agent for watches and clocks at a great savings for your company.

– Wine coolers, barbecue nets, metal brushes, paper aprons, paper cups, plastic forks and spoons, and coolers to keep drinks cold. One of the most sellable products in the US and in Europe are outdoor items, such as picnic accessories and inculcate tents, foldable chairs and even swimming accessories. Let Arcadia Sourcing help you grow your business through affordable manufacture of outdoor items.

– Plastic toys, bendables, electronic toys, plush toys and die cast cars. Arcadia Sourcing’s service starts with locating the right vendor for your needs to help find the perfect balance of price and quality. They’ll follow your concept through to the finished product- and then make sure it ships promptly to your door, or your warehouse.

– Trees, decorations, lights, table decorative, candles and much more. If you need holiday items manufactured on a tight budget, Arcadia Sourcing can help! Let their full service buying team members and consultants help you acquire the best prices for the holiday items you want, to maximize your profits for the year. 

As your one-stop China manufacturing agent for watches, clocks, toys, electronics, pet products, gifts and many other popular products, Arcadia Sourcing has the experience it takes to take your product from raw concept to completed product.

Contact a specialist from Arcadia Sourcing by calling 852-2367-3335 if you have questions or would like to take the next step in the custom manufacture of your products. You’re going to love working with the sourcing company with their eyes and ears to the ground; and as your representative, will get you the best rates along with the highest quality.

Sourcing Agent In China
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